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  • Getting Involved with LabsAreVital

    Jul 24, 2013
    Want to get involved with LabsAreVital but not sure where to start? This ‘How To’ guide will show you the way…
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  • IFBLS World Congress

    Apr 16, 2014
    Welcome to the 31st Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science, hosted by the Taiwan Society of Laboratory Medicine and the Taiwan Association of Medical Technologists.
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  • Clinical Laboratory Radio: ‘El Microscopio’

    Apr 14, 2014
    ‘El Microscopio’ is a weekly broadcast in Spanish across the Ibero-American region and a monthly broadcast in English, exclusively dedicated to clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
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  • Newborn screening programme allows reduced age for Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis

    Apr 10, 2014
    • Evidence of Clinical Value
    Dr. Ian Balfour-Lynn and his group recently reported that the London and South East England screening programme for cystic fibrosis, established in 2007, significantly reduced the age of diagnosis, from 2.4 years to 3 weeks of age.
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  • When Diagnostic Testing Leads to Harm

    Apr 07, 2014
    The authors suggest that testing related diagnostic errors can be reduced by the systematic application of this new tool with appropriate follow-up.
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  • Pilot Study For Workflow of Analyzing Blood Culture

    Mar 31, 2014
    • Edgard Delvin, PhD
    • Drive for Innovation and 'Smarter' Diagnostics
    This article is particularly telling with respect to the clinical laboratory added value in terms of improvement of care, when one realizes that every hour of delay in administering the proper antibiotic results in mortality.
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